What Brides Should Know About… Couple Portraits

You shouldn’t have to know what to do

If you hire a great, seasoned photographer – taking photos will be just as fun as the other parts of your wedding day instead of something you need to get through. A great photographer will guide you through the process and be able to generate genuine smiles from you.

With everything else going on on your big day, you shouldn’t have to worry about looking natural or wonder if you’re in flattering poses. Please invest in a vendor who can take care of all this for you.

I include Engagement Photos in all my collections because I think it’s so valuable to take pictures with the same photographer before the big day. It’s great practice and lets you know what to expect!

Allocate at least 30 minutes to couple portraits

These are the photos that are going to end up on your walls for the rest of your life. Designate the time necessary to take them well. Even the most seasoned and efficient of wedding photographers will need at least 30 minutes in order to deliver a big and diverse gallery of couple photos.

Doing a First Look allows you to not feel rushed & just enjoy

If you feel the pressure of getting to your reception/guests, taking couple photos can feel rushed. Doing a first look is a great way to be sure to get in great bride and group portraits!

Your Photographer’s Personality Matters

You’ll be spending time a lot with your photographer. I hope, independent of my work, I’m a person you want to spend time with on such an important day.

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What Brides Should Know About… Couple Portraits

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