What Brides Should Know About… Getting Ready

Recommended Allocated Time: 45 minutes

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Getting ready photos are usually taken at the hotel/home/AirBNB where people stay the night before. It’s a more-chill time before the action of the day really kicks off.

Usually the bride and groom are in separate rooms during this time – bridesmaids are with the bride and groomsmen are with the groom. If you have a second shooter, typically I will be with the ladies and the second shooter will be with the gentlemen. If it’s just me, I can bounce between wherever the bride and groom are. Or I can just be with the ladies if your groom doesn’t really care about getting ready photos anyway.

1. Have everyone’s hair and makeup done before getting ready photos start

Getting ready photos are not for doing hair and makeup. I want all photos with your hair and makeup already complete. These are pictures of you spending time with parents + your friends before the day really kicks off. If you have bridesmaids robes, I’ll photograph you in those. We’ll photograph you (with the help of mom and/or friends) getting into your wedding dress 🙂 We can do a first look with dad/anyone else if desired.

2. Have Your Mom & Bridesmaids Get Dressed First

Usually mom or bridesmaids will help the bride get in her wedding dress. Have them change into their wedding attire first so they look picture perfect while helping the bride prepare!

3. Look for Windows

Most people get ready indoors. But even when you’re inside, the most flattering light will still be with natural sunlight!

When I photograph getting ready photos, I’ll open every possible window and flip off all the light switches. You can make the lighting even more dreamy if you choose to get ready in a room with lots of windows and open areas.

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4. Look for Clean Backgrounds

Picture frames on the walls and other background items make a photo busier and detract focus from you. If I can remove art from the walls and hide it, I will! Having clean backgrounds will make your photos look more timeless and elegant.

It’ll likely be messy havoc in your getting ready room. But we’ll clear off a corner of the room to look clean for photos 🙂

5. Slow Down

Getting ready with your best friends is one of the best parts of your wedding day! Try to leave more time here than you are expecting that you’ll need. I promise you’d rather be able to slow down and enjoy this time than feel rushed to get to the ceremony

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What Brides Should Know About… Getting Ready

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