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Snowbasin Wedding Utah Mountain Ski Caili Chung Photography

Because of covid-restrictions on gatherings, Igor and I got legally & church married before having the party-wedding with all our friends and family. And I’ll be honest – our legal wedding wasn’t as “fun” as you’d hope a wedding would be. I woke up early in the morning to do a Target run, pick up […]

Wedding Checklist for the Big Day

Igor and I both grew up in Salt Lake City, our immediate families (minus his dad) are in Salt Lake City, and we lived in Salt Lake City while planning our wedding. So getting married in Utah was the obvious choice. While I didn’t have my future wedding plans fully flushed out, I always knew […]

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue & Why We Chose Snowbasin

Pulgas Water Temple Wedding Caili Chung Photography

If you’re new to wedding planning, you may not know the difference between these things. And what you need. No worries, I gotchu 🙂 Save the Dates Save-the-dates are meant to put guests on notice so they don’t make plans on your date and therefore be unavailable to attend your wedding. If you’re going to […]

Save the Dates vs. Invitations vs. Wedding Website

Weddings can be expensiveeeee.  The biggest costs for a wedding are usually the venue, food, and alcohol. If you’re on a tight budget, the best thing you can do is save in these areas by finding a less expensive venue that allows you to bring your own food and alcohol (you can find a much […]

Ways We Saved Money On Our Wedding:

As an additional service to help both myself and my couple, I create a recommended wedding day schedule. If the couple has hired a wedding planner, I will work with him/her to create a schedule that works for us both. If the couple doesn’t have a planner, they usually just go by my solo recommendation. […]

Real Wedding Timelines From Real Weddings

Storm Mountain Wedding Big Cottonwood Canyon Caili Chung Photography

If you’re looking for a mountain wedding venue at the best price, Storm Mountain is my go-to recommendation! I chose to throw my own wedding rehearsal dinner here because it is simply gorgeous and so so affordable. I’ve compiled essential Storm Mountain wedding information and costs below: Storm Mountain Seasonal Availability Storm Mountain is an […]

Storm Mountain Amphitheater/Picnic Area Wedding Info & Cost

One of the ways we saved money for our wedding was to make most of our wedding invitations digital. It’s 2021 😉 We printed only 25 physical invitations and gave those only to older-generation guests who’d expect it and people who actually save that paper. For all other guests, we sent them the below message […]

Things to Put On a Wedding Website

Planning a wedding is hard enough even when everyone gets along. But adding family drama to an already busy day can make things very stressful/concerning.  You ideally want everyone you love most to be present at your wedding. Unfortunately, sometimes you love different people who do not always get along. Navigating your feelings and the […]

Planning a Wedding With Divorce/Family Drama

Emigration Canyon Spring Senior Caili Chung Photography

I can’t imagine a more wonderful place to be a photographer than Utah. The mountains, the city, the Great Salt Lake… All four seasons… Exceptionally good looking people… I grew up in this state, but I got into professional photography my senior year of high school, and then soon left Utah for 4 years for […]

Utah Photoshoot Locations

I love the Bay Area. I moved here a year ago to start college at UC Berkeley and photography has given me an opportunity to get out and explore some of the gorgeous places around. We have beaches and hills and trees and urban architecture and everything else you could possibly want. San Francisco is […]

Gorgeous San Francisco Photography Locations