What Brides Should Know About… Family Photos

Recommended Time: 30 minutes (depending on how big your family is)

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Before we dive in, I want to tell you that your photographer should be able to capture beautiful images on your wedding day no matter the situation! They should be able to work well in any lighting situation and any timeline crunch! These tips and tricks are simply little changes that can be made for an ideal photography-friendly wedding day.

1. Tell Everyone Where and When to Meet

The number one problem during group photos is having to hunt someone down. We want to get these done as quickly and efficiently as possible so everyone can go party and enjoy themselves! If your family is notorious for being late, I recommend taking family photos right after the ceremony because everyone is already in one place.

2. In Advance, List Out Combinations of Group Photos You Want & Provide to Your Photographer

Include names and give that list to your photographer. This is the most time efficient way to make sure you capture everyone you want. And no one knows better what groupings are important than you do!

You can even print out multiple copies of this list and pass out these pages to family members. This way, everyone knows when they’re up next and be better prepared for it.

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What Brides Should Know About… Family Photos

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