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One thing that I love about weddings is that they’re the best reunions. My own family means the world to me and I love seeing this love in other people. It’s one of those things that remind you of how great life is. I clearly value photography, but I don’t have very many photos of […]

Meet the Family

Taking pictures should just be a lot of fun. I got into photography as a sixteen year old who enjoyed derping around with her friends + a camera. I still like derping around with friends + a camera. Photography is really a love project for me. I’m a full time student and I don’t have […]

Real Lyfe Derp Photos

I have extended family in Michigan and they introduced me to Sae Jong Camp when I was thirteen. It’s a week long Summer Camp for Korean-Americans by the beautiful Lake Higgins. After my first year, I was hooked and came back every Summer after. We recruited the rest of the family, and soon Sae Jong […]

Korean Camp 2018

I love Christine. My darling friend from Berkeley got this dope computer science internship at Amazon in Seattle. So naturally I had to go to Seattle, too. I had an amazing time adventuring with this even more amazing human. I was able to get into all these Amazon buildings that aren’t open to the public […]

Christine & Caili in Seattle

Being in college is great. Being an adult is great. You can go on a spontaneous weekend trip to visit an old friend in another city. And you don’t need to ask permission from anyone. One of my darling best friends, Caity goes to school at Claremont McKenna. I haven’t been to SoCal in years, […]

I Hopped off the Plane at LAX…

I save a lot of pictures of my friends on my phone. Most of these photos are not when my friends are “photo ready.” But if I look good in said photo, that’s definitely the one I’m posting on Facebook for their birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰ But these moments make me laugh. So please enjoy the not-so-magazine-worthy, […]

Behind the Scenes 2017

I have a tendency to agree to large commitments, panic, and then barely pull them off. That is the anthem of any testing season for me. My dad and I signed up to rent wetsuits, take a boat to Alcatraz, and swim back to San Francisco months in advance. Three weeks before the big event, […]

Escape from Alcatraz

During labor day weekend, for the first time, I went to New York City! You probably wouldn’t expect a photographer to say this, but I think people take too many pictures. People are always pausing for the iPhone, and I feel like itโ€™s distracting from actual experiences. For this reason, his trip was a little […]

Welcome to New York

It’s been 1 year since I shot my first wedding. I was 18 years old and had just graduated high school. I had photographed my high school friends, but I had never photographed a couple and I had never photographed a wedding. I wanted to change that, so I posted to Craigslist saying I was […]

One Year Since My First Wedding

The legend turns 50 today!!! Thank you so much to my dad’s parents, brothers, wife, son, nieces, nephews, and MIT friends for helping to celebrate this incredible man.

Dad’s 50th Birthday