Behind the Scenes 2017

I save a lot of pictures of my friends on my phone. Most of these photos are not when my friends are “photo ready.”

But if I look good in said photo, that’s definitely the one I’m posting on Facebook for their birthday 😉

But these moments make me laugh. So please enjoy the not-so-magazine-worthy, behind the scenes photos of 2017! Because I get so much joy capturing photos of you and the people you love most!

Or you and the cupcakes you love most… #relatable

It’s fine though. You know your new husband is a keeper when he brings you food regularly

Because hey! Wedding days can get long!

Your feet start to hurt from walking in heels.

And sometimes kids are just not having it

They even run away sometimes

Or, perhaps your adorable dog runs away.

Making you say, “Oh, if only my pet cooperated in pictures as well as that dog (who has no affiliation with the couple whatsoever)!”

But it’s all a good time at the end of the day because you’re with the people you love most 🙂

Even falling out of trees is more fun with your best friend

You can cuddle your best bros if it’s super cold

And you’ll have that dream moment of exchanging rings

I’ll always be there to fix any flyaway hairs and fluff dresses.

After all, if anyone is qualified to help you look good in photos, it’s clearly me

I’ll pose the bride by telling her to pop her foot or twirl around

And I’ll hold up my iPhone to help the groom tie his tie. Then take a selfie because I always use best equipment to ensure you get a professional, high-quality experience

That’s probably why I’m always getting blocked by relatives’ phone cameras!

You’ll be so hot, you’ll get cheers of support from tour buses

And you’ll have so much fun dancing it out at the end of the day

That is, if you know where your wife is. Seriously, Camille! Where are you?

Oh, I found her!

I’m so grateful to have been able to meet and serve the most kind, funny, giving people humanity has to offer

I’ve had so much fun during our road trips, our dinner dates, and our high school musical dancing

My clients are the type of people to invite me into exclusive Facebook buildings, let me grab a bunch of food, and take pictures of me

They’re inspirational examples of true love

And there is no one else I’d rather wipe up floors for

Thank you for inviting me into your lives

I don’t know how it gets better than this

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Behind the Scenes 2017

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