Real Lyfe Derp Photos

Taking pictures should just be a lot of fun. I got into photography as a sixteen year old who enjoyed derping around with her friends + a camera.

I still like derping around with friends + a camera. Photography is really a love project for me. I’m a full time student and I don’t have bills. I do it purely because I really enjoy the experience.

I’m so lucky to have met so many wonderful people in my twenty years of life. I spent Summer 2018 as Summer-of-crashing-on-various-friend’s-couches. Thank you so much Caroline for having me

Isn’t she pretty???

Can someone photoshop the Washington Monument between my fingers?

We’re basically engaged. This is what happens after going through the crap of teenage years together.

Find yourself someone who looks at you like Caroline looks at me.

Clearly I’m super qualified to make you look good in photos.

Every self-timer photo ever.

Later that night… I can’t handle it when friends fight. Even if it’s a movie

Thank you so much for hosting me Caroline! I knew you’d be the best tour guide. Not just because you plan trips around food (how I like it). But also because you’re a gem of a human.



Real Lyfe Derp Photos

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