Gorgeous San Francisco Photography Locations

I love the Bay Area.

I moved here a year ago to start college at UC Berkeley and photography has given me an opportunity to get out and explore some of the gorgeous places around. We have beaches and hills and trees and urban architecture and everything else you could possibly want.

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places in the world so grab so in-n-out and enjoy this list of epic SF photography locations!

1. Palace of Fine Arts

It’s a gorgeous San Francisco landmark for a reason. The giant pillars give a look of luxury and grandeur. Additionally, just down the street is Crissy Fields (#8) where you can view the Golden Gate Bridge.

The only downside is that is always crowded with people. Sometimes we haven’t been able to shoot there because it’s swarmed with high schoolers going to prom. Or a Greek drama production. I recommend waking up early and shooting there at sunrise if you want to guarantee we can shoot here.

2. Sutro Baths

Sutro Baths was once a public saltwater swimming pool. It burned down and is now in ruins which is a super cool look and a really awesome way to capture the Pacific Ocean.

3. Lands End

This is right next to Sutro Baths so you can easily capture both locations in the same session. Those trees are just killer and right next to a parking lot so you don’t have to adventure far to get a “nature” scene. And you can get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge if you go on a 5-minute walk.

4. Treasure Island

This isn’t exactly a location in San Francisco- treasure island is a manmade island a little off of the peninsula. However, you can get a great view of the San Francisco skyline from this place!

5. Rooftops

I have a thing for shooting on rooftops. They’re a great way to capture a great view of the city but remain somewhat private.

6. Pier 7

It’s clearly an awesome view of San Francisco, the Bay, the Bay bride, and Alcatraz. Also if you’ve seen Netflix’s movie “Always be my Maybe” you’ll notice that this is where Marcus teaches Sasha to fish when they’re teenagers 😉

7. Lovers Lane

You gotta love those trees. It’s in the Presidio, where you can get the vibe of being out in nature without having to go very far at all!

8. Crissy Fields

I mean, did you even take your engagement photos in San Francisco if you don’t incorporate this iconic landmark?

9. Bakers Beach

I can’t count how many different angles of the Golden Gate Bridge there are.

10. Like this one (at Marin Headlands)

11. Or this one

12. Cable Cars

This is iconic San Francisco but hard to take a “candid” pic on because when the car is in motion, it’s filled with tourists. Not a cute picture!

To take these, we went to the end of the line and took pictures with a stationary cable car that was in line to have passengers board. Next to a big line of tourists lmao.

Hope this sparks your interest! There are so many beautiful places in San Francisco to explore and I’m always down to adventure to new places 🙂

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Gorgeous San Francisco Photography Locations

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