Brian & Dalena’s San Francisco Wedding at AC Hotel and HL Peninsula


It was an absolute JOY to be with Dalena and Brian on their wedding day this past Saturday! They threw a wedding with two tea ceremonies and four hundred guests and zero wedding planners and everything pretty much went smoothly! A seriously impressive feat!! Their friends and family were amazingly helpful and kind, and I’m so glad everything came together.

Dalena and Brian have been together since 2006, and they’ve been engaged for 18 months, so you better believe everyone was ready to see this day happen! Their day started bright and early at 8 a.m. but energy was high. Dalena’s extended family took advantage of being all together by taking picture after picture 🙂

The day really kicked off when Brian pulled into Dalena’s driveway – showing off his beloved car. He whipped out a red velvet jacket (which matched his car) and faced Dalena’s bridesmaids’ obstacles. After a little twerking, cheating, and bribery, the groom and groomsmen were admitted entrance to Dalena’s home and the couple had their first tea ceremony.

During our first meeting, Dalena told me that Brian thinks he’s a comedic genius… After going to their wedding, I’d agree with that statement! Dalena read a letter from her groom before the ceremony that said, “I’m writing this card at 12:25 am cause you told me to… LOL.” And Brian’s vows started with “Baby Girl!” Fittingly, later, Dalena’s vows to Brian started with “Baby Boy!”

They’re both food lovers and down to dance – everything you need to have an amazing party. But even more than being ridiculously fun, Dalena and Brian are so so kind. They asked to take a photo with me and made sure I had always enough to eat and drink. I could go on and on about how much I love this couple and how perfect their day was…. but I have shared WAY too many pictures in this blog post and it’s going to take you a while to scroll through them!!

Dalena and Brian, you are an incredible couple. I couldn’t love you more and can’t thank you enough for allowing me to save the memories of your big day!!!! Enjoy!!

Ceremony Venue: AC Hotel

Reception Venue: HL Peninsula

Videographers: Awkward Turtle Media

MC/DJ: MC Quoc Bao

Florist: Romance Wedding Service

Cake: Fancy Wheat Field Bakery

Photo Booth: Ink Appeal Photo Booth



Brian & Dalena’s San Francisco Wedding at AC Hotel and HL Peninsula

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