Casey & Michelle’s Fleet Week Wedding at Fort Mason

The night before this wedding, I had a rock climbing accident, went to urgent care, and got a boot lol. I was a little worried about being on my feet for 8 hours, but I didn’t even consider not coming through. Michelle and Casey are the sweetest humans and being a part of their wedding day was such a pleasure.

Michelle and Casey got married during San Francisco’s Fleet Week! Their ceremony space overlooked the Pacific Ocean which meant guests had a private venue to watch the air show. And they couldn’t have chosen a better day for a wedding – the weather was perfect and Karl the Fog didn’t make an appearance so we had a clear view of Alcatraz.

Casey and Michelle have been together for years and when they finally got married all their friends and family were so happy to be reunited. The day started with Casey’s 14-year-old niece opening the door for Michelle when we first arrived at Fort Mason. She gave her future aunt a big hug and exclaimed, “You’re going to be a part of our family soon!”

And that excitement lastest the entire wedding day. Michelle laughs so easily which makes her not only incredibly easy to photograph but also just a lot of fun to be around. When she walked up to Casey for their first look, before he turned around he smiled and said, “I could recognize that laugh anywhere!”

Personal highlight: We told Casey to grab Michelle’s cheeks. We meant for him to cup her face, but he thought we meant her butt cheeks lol

Venue: Fort Mason

Planner: Tosca Productions

Florist: Poppys Petal works

Hair & Makeup: Maya Roget

DJ: Gatsby Entertainment

Cake: Krumbs Cake

Photographers: Mariella Alberdi and Caili Chung



Casey & Michelle’s Fleet Week Wedding at Fort Mason

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