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Chloe is on the ball. Usually, I initiate a phone call with potential clients (it’s the easiest way to get to know someone & get to know what they’re looking for), but Chloe called me first. She was so sweet & so easy to talk to and a few days later – she was on […]

Chloe’s Dressy Seniors at La Caille & Big Cottonwood Canyon | Waterford High School

When I was a freshman at Rowland Hall, Elena’s oldest sister was a sophomore at my high school. And Elena had another sister who was a grade below me. I didn’t know them super well, but after I switched schools, we’d always say hi to each other in the hallways of debate tournaments. So meeting […]

Elena’s Fall Seniors | Rowland Hall St. Marks

Maybe you’ve been thinking about senior photos, but aren’t sure what to expect. What do you wear? How do you pose? What if you hate your images? Whether this is your first or two-hundredth photoshoot, I want you to feel completely at ease. Here’s what you can expect from your fun and phenomenal senior session: […]

Nervous? Here’s how to prepare for your senior photos

Some photographers believe their job is only to manipulate their camera settings & click a button. And while that’s difficult enough to do on its own – I don’t believe my job as a senior photographer ends there. I also take on the responsibility of completely directing my seniors through the session. I don’t want […]

19 Poses Every Girl Should Do During Senior Photos – Flattering, Natural & Fun

Very grateful for these three Park City High School Seniors. They’re smart and beautiful and fun and prepared with necessary bug spray! I saw a photo with amazing wildflowers near Bloods Lake up in Guardsman Pass. Bloods Lake is about a mile hike from the nearest parking lot & I asked if they’d be down […]

Lily’s Mountain Wildflower Senior Session at Blood Lake Ft. her friends & mosquitos

Emigration Canyon Spring Senior Caili Chung Photography

I can’t imagine a more wonderful place to be a photographer than Utah. The mountains, the city, the Great Salt Lake… All four seasons… Exceptionally good looking people… There is no shortage of epic diversity & beauty. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have grown up in this state. I got into professional photography my […]

Utah Photoshoot Locations

Waterford High School Salt Lake City Utah Senior Photographer

Joanna Wang is a gorgeous girl with the hair of my dreams ngl. We took her senior photos in Downtown Salt Lake City with 3 of her friends. These four girls are graduating from Waterford High School in Sandy, Utah this 2021. Joanna said she loves having her picture taken – and it showed. She […]

Joanna’s Senior Photos with Wall Murals in Downtown Salt Lake City | Waterford High School

These girls got their cap & gowns from Park City High School the morning that we took these. Cap & gown photos aren’t my style so much, but taking a few photos with the graduation outfits felt significant as this was my last group of 2020 seniors. I really love light in photographs, but my […]

A blonde, a Brunette & a Redhead Graduate from Park City High School | Emigration Canyon

Park City White Barn Senior Caili Chung Photography

Doesn’t she have the most amazingly big, brown eyes? Keep scrolling to see where she got them 🙂 Sophie’s senior photos featured her mom, and it was fun to capture them together. Both ladies are so sweet and kind and cute. We started out at the White Barn in Park City. I feel like everyone […]

Sophie’s Senior Photos at White Barn Featuring HER MOM | Park City High School

It seems relevant to share this blog post while it’s snowing in Park City. In June… Last week was sunny and 80 degrees and lovely. We happened to schedule this shoot during a fluke cold day haha. These jackets were necessary. When planning Sophie’s senior photos, I told her we’d take plenty of pictures of […]

Chloe & Sophie at White Barn | Park City High School