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Brooke’s family is from Houston, but they all have been coming to Park City regularly for years to ski. Since Park City is such a special place to them, they decided to make Brooke’s senior photos a little different from everyone else in Texas and shoot in the mountains. It was the perfect time of […]

Brooke’s Summer Senior Photos at Guardsman Pass

I first met Audrey & her mom when I photographed Audrey’s high school senior photos. It was an honor to spend time with them again – this time with Audrey’s new husband and the rest of everyone’s family and friends! Audrey & Taylor have known each other since junior high school. They were good friends […]

Taylor & Audrey’s Yellow and Grey Wedding at Bountiful Temple & Canterbury Place

My first baby is one month old today! In celebration, I decided to write out my labor and delivery experience. I like hearing other people’s birth stories and wanted to share mine in case anyone else is in the same boat. If words like “dilation” or “pushing” weird you out, I highly recommend not reading […]

Nikola’s Birth Story

Savanna is a Park City High School senior and she is absolutely wonderful. And so easy-going and caring. We first started talking months ago, and she was down for anything. Her only requirement was that she wanted to capture mountains during her senior photos. I’m here for it! Especially since she’s leaving for the East […]

Savanna’s Spring Senior Session (Yes, Much Alliteration) | Park City High School

This is a special couple for me because Audrey is my first senior client turned bride! Shows that I’ve been shooting for a while now… haha I met Audrey in 2017 to take her high school senior photos at Memorial Grove Park in Salt Lake City. I Facebook friend everyone I have the honor of […]

Audrey & Taylor Summer Engagements at La Caille

Once Igor and I decided to get married, I wanted to get married sooner rather than later. And not wait long to move in together, combine bank accounts, and other things you do when you commit to being life partners.  But just when Covid couldn’t get more bothersome, I tried to plan a wedding. I’ve […]

Legal Wedding

Igor and I decided to get married in November. So really the proposal was just a romantic gesture that I told Igor he still needed to do lol. When we decided to get married, I didn’t want to wait long to move in together, combine bank accounts, and basically do all the things you can […]

My Own Proposal

Planning a wedding is hard enough even when everyone gets along. But adding family drama to an already busy day can make things very stressful/concerning.  You ideally want everyone you love most to be present at your wedding. Unfortunately, sometimes you love different people who do not always get along. Navigating your feelings and the […]

Planning a Wedding With Divorce/Family Drama

My mom told me not to acknowledge her turning 50, but I ignored that and involved all her closest family and friends to celebrate her wonderful life. The older I get, the more grateful I am for her wonderful influence. Our family is truly blessed.

My Mom’s 50th Birthday

There are some people you just really click with & Alissa was one of them for me. She is so fun and kind and honestly just a joy. She met me in Millcreek Canyon – a location she had never been before and trusted me to drive & her caretaker around the prettiest places of […]

Alissa’s Fall Seniors at Millcreek Canyon | Waterford High School