Church of Dirt Wedding Info & Cost


Church of Dirt is a beautiful little spot in Park City, Utah that is 100% free to use for your wedding space. There is a wedding arch and benches available. And the mountain views are absolutely amazing!

Seasonal Availability

Church of Dirt is along Guardsman Pass, the road that connects Park City and the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. This road is closed during the winter and spring – typically November through May. A quick internet search should let you know when this road reopens each specific year.

Guardsman Pass is amazingly beautiful with fall colors usually the first week of October.

Church of Dirt Park City Fall Wedding Caili Chung Photography


If you search “Empire Pass” in google maps, it’ll bring you to a lookout spot in Park City, Utah. There is a trail there and a short walk down the dirt road later, you’ll come across the ceremony site.


This is absolutely free of charge! To reserve, simply let future couples know by leaving your name, date, time, and contact information at the location itself. Please make sure your information is weather and wind proof!


I would guess that the benches would seat around 60 people? But there isn’t a website to look it up exactly. And there is standing room available 🙂

Reception Site:

There isn’t an area here for a reception. You’ll make to make arrangements for a reception elsewhere – either in/near Park City or in/near Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Weddings Per Day:

There really are no rules for this venue. Look at the rocks/signs left by other couples in order to determine if there is a planned wedding on your desired wedding day. If there is another wedding on your hopeful date, hopefully there is a set time/contact information, so you can see if you can still have your event there as well.

Set Up Time:

Basically same answer as “weddings per day” haha.

Church of Dirt Park City Fall Wedding Caili Chung Photography

Vendor Flexibility:

You are flexible to bring in any vendor of your choosing.

Venue Coordinator:

There is no venue coordinator. There isn’t even a website for this site haha.

Food & Alcohol:

Catering Options:

There are no restrictions about catering, however there are no tables on-site for eating.

Alcohol Options:

Drinking in public spaces is illegal.


There are roughly 20 parking spots available. However, these are not reservable and other hikers/explorers will likely use some/most of these up. The next nearest parking is not very close and parking on the side of the road is not an option. If you have a larger party, I recommend having a bus drop off guests at the location so parking is not an issue.

Church of Dirt Park City Fall Wedding Caili Chung Photography


The nearest hotels are through Deer Valley, Brighton, and Solitude ski resort.

Pet Policy:

Pets are allowed at this site and in Guardsman Pass. However, pets are not allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon, so you’ll have to access this location via the Park City end.

Church of Dirt Park City Fall Wedding Caili Chung Photography


  1. It’s free
  2. It’s beautiful


  1. Reserving this space is done fully on the honor system – this is very risky. You could theoretically have someone else not respect your reservation.
  2. There’s always weather-related risk for an outdoor space.
  3. To get to this location, there is a short walk along a dirt path which may be difficult for older/disabled guests.

Where to Reserve:

There are no coordinators maintaining this space. There is no one to call, no website, or no online way to reserve your date. In order to reserve your date, someone has to go there in person to leave a momento with your name, date, time, and contact information. Please make sure that it’s weather and wind proof!

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Church of Dirt Wedding Info & Cost

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