Kristi’s Senior Photos at Baker Beach

Baker Beach San Francisco Senior Caili Chung Photography

Kristi has perfected the gentle hair wave. Serious goals. I brought this up when we met for her order and reveal session, and learned that she had had it done soon before our shoot. Does it show or what?

Kristi has grown up in San Francisco so taking her senior photos at Baker Beach was a great way to capture where she grew up. We met there with a couple of friends and had a great time running around. It’d been a week of bad weather just prior to the shoot, so on this sunny Saturday, the beach was packed. I made the girls walk on the sand to the very edges of the beach where there weren’t as many people. Between that, strategic angles, and photoshop, I’m really pleased with the final photos 🙂

Her mom told me that she had taken lots of pictures of her children when they were younger, but then they reached an age where they didn’t want to cooperate with her photo-taking desires. It’d been at least ten years since Kristi had professional photos done. But as Kristi is about to leave home for college, senior year is a great time to capture your daughter! Her mom was so happy about these, and that made me so happy.

Congratulations on your senior year Kristi!!



Kristi’s Senior Photos at Baker Beach

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