My 21st Birthday

I turned 21 and Arya defeated the night king – what a great day!

On one hand, I was really excited to turn 21. I can now fully participate in all events! At the same time, I’ve been pretty cognizant of getting older and it’s scary. I need to figure out who I want to be after graduation. After all, the government has now given up protecting my brain – every mistake I do now is because I’m dumb, not because I’m developing 😉

It was a stupidly fun day. Everyone is so busy, so it’s always hard to get the friend group together. I’m grateful that we were able to finally come together. Especially since many friends are graduating in a week, and this is one of our last huzzahs together. We got dinner together, spent way too long trying to parallel park, gave up and parked elsewhere, pre-gamed, and went to my first bar 🙂

My friend Christine is a student in the photography class I taught this semester. Our final project for that class was to complete a shoot you’d want to do anyway and integrate techniques/methods learned through class. For her final project, Christine documented the night. She’d never used a DSLR back in January, and I’m proud of how far she’s come so fast. She’s just the best.

I was in a “drinks on me!” mood, but I didn’t think about how 1. how expensive that would be and 2. that all my friends are lightweights. Many girls couldn’t finish their drinks, but they cost so much that I tried to finish for them. I decided not to share the photos from when that plan didn’t work out for me…

In her final reflection paper, Christine concluded: “I added a black vignette because she was blacking out.” I am deceased! I don’t know if she’s passing the class…



My 21st Birthday

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