Mamta and Mayur’s Engagement Shoot at a San Francisco Roof & Lands End

Prepare to see just the best-dressed and best-looking couple.

Mayur is from D.C. and Mamta is from Southern California. They’re getting married in SoCal, but they wanted to capture the city where they met for Engagement Photos. They wanted to have a nature and an urban location, and for both to be very “Bay Area.” Lands End and the roof of the San Francisco Art Institute could not be better choices.

We started where Mayur first asked Mamta to be his girlfriend. They’d been going out for a bit, and he had just assumed that they were boyfriend-girlfriend. But while hiking at Lands End, they had the talk and explicitly made it official.

For the second location, Mamta and I talked a lot about how to capture urban San Francisco without risking getting hit by traffic. I asked fellow photographer friends and received a recommendation about this rooftop. There was an event going on downstairs that day, but we hoped no one would kick out people so well-dressed. Luckily it all worked out. This rooftop is such a hidden gem in the city. It was incredible that we had it to ourselves.

Mamta and Mayur, you two are gorgeous people, inside and out. I’m so glad we could capture San Francisco together.



Mamta and Mayur’s Engagement Shoot at a San Francisco Roof & Lands End

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