Sam & Sam’s Engagement Photos at Marin Headlands & Rodeo Beach

Rodeo Beach Marin Engagement Photography Caili Chung

Samuel and Samantha (I personally advocate for them also naming their children Sam) make you believe love is real. Watching them interact is like watching a romantic movie, but it’s better.

Samuel is from England and visited the Bay Area for a work trip. On that trip, he met Samantha, a Bay Area native. From their very first date, spending time together felt so natural and so right that they knew they had found something worth preserving. They’re both individually so funny and witty and passionate. It’s amazing that they found another person who not only appreciates all their amazingness, but who also shares the same values and life plan. They made the long-distance work between sleeping on Skype and keeping a Snapchat streak alive.

And then a few months ago, Samuel bought a one-way ticket to the U.S. and in September these two are making it official! They really, truly deserve each other, and I couldn’t be happier to be so inspired by them.



Sam & Sam’s Engagement Photos at Marin Headlands & Rodeo Beach

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