Ben and Tiffany’s Rainy Engagement Photos at Lovers Lane

San Francisco Rainy Engagement Session

I’m really really lucky that I got to meet these two.

Whenever the forecast predicts rain, I say I’m willing to shoot anyway but until now no one has ever taken me up on it. Super witty, super teasing, and super chill, Ben and Tiffany were down to run around with me in the rain. Tiffany brought a clear umbrella which was the perfect prop, but it only fit one person underneath (sorry Ben). He wore a button-down and tie; she wore a floor-length dress. I wore a plastic cape with a hole punched through it for my camera lens (to keep my gear dry).

I always love it when the sun comes out right after it rains. Everything feels so fresh and I was nothing but enthusiastic to capture that glow. It’s great to be hanging out with San Francisco natives who know where to go for the best views. We drove up to a lookout spot over the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Tiffany and Ben, thank you so much for being the most baller people. You two are so much fun to spend an evening with.



Ben and Tiffany’s Rainy Engagement Photos at Lovers Lane

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