Nate & Emily’s Engagement Photos at Adobe Alviso

Adobe Alviso Engagement Photos Caili Chung

It had been raining all week, and we had no idea what the weather was going to be like on the day of Nate and Emily’s Engagement shoot. But luckily the sun came out just for us, and the recent rain even made this meadow extra lush and green. And Nate and Emily, being the super dope people they are, were will to run, sit, lay, and cuddle right in the grass. Basically it was the perfect combination of everything.

Nate and Emily started dating in high school. Through six years, different colleges, and long distance, clearly they both found someone worth holding on to. And even though they may not have predicted getting married while they were in high school, here they are now. Even more in love.

Emily and Nate, thank you both for being so easy and fun to serve. And thank you for understanding my Shrek references.



Nate & Emily’s Engagement Photos at Adobe Alviso

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