Ways to Honor a Deceased Loved One on Your Wedding Day

“We know you would be here today if heaven wasn’t so far away.”

On a wedding day, the absence of someone who would’ve loved to be there reminds you of their legacy. It can be truly beautiful to incorporate them into your special day as a tribute to how they touched your life.

1. Display photos on the first row of the ceremony seating

Keeping their picture on an empty seat at the ceremony is a beautiful way to remember them.

Berkeley Brazilian Room Wedding Caili Chung Photography

2. Add an heirloom to your bouquet or dress

Tiffany wore pieces in her hair that belonged to her past grandmother

3. Include their favorite flower in your bouquet or Carry a picture with you at all time

Fairview Napa Wedding California Caili Chung

4. Play Music that was Significant to the Deceased

For my own wedding, as guests got seated before the ceremony, our violinist played my deceased grandfather’s favorite song. It was a song that was sang at his funeral. This detail was not missed by my extended family.

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Ways to Honor a Deceased Loved One on Your Wedding Day

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