Ingrid & Marcos’s Wedding at Piazza D’Angelo, Mill Valley

“What we have in mind for our wedding is something small and intimate but full of love!”

That’s how Ingrid pictured her wedding when we first started talking. And that’s exactly how I would describe her wedding now that it’s finally happened.

Ingrid and Marcos are an incredible couple and even better people. They’re that perfect combination of sweet and sassy. On top of being two of the most thoughtful people and just so much fun to be around. They’re a perfect match and they make each other laugh so much.

It didn’t really hit Marcos that he was getting married until the final hour before his ceremony. But when he was joined by Ingrid, his nervousness was gone. He asked himself what he had even been stressed about in the first place.

Everyone present loved the couple dearly. It was obvious from Marcos’s childhood friend who’d come over for Thanksgiving to Ingrid’s aunt who had gifted her a bible and taught her to read way back when. It made for the most welcoming, supportive room. When they weren’t laughing, they were all getting choked up.

And there was plenty of both. When Marcos’s mom gave a toast, it created a heartfelt atmosphere that touched me even through a language barrier. When Ingrid threw her bouquet, there was a dive to catch it, but when Marcos had his toss, none of the single gentlemen even moved 😂😂😂

Ingrid and Marcos, thank you for inviting me to your beautiful day. And thank you for trusting me to serve your incredible friends and family! I had a blast with you and loved every minute of it. I can’t wait for you to see all the photos, but for now, here are just a few of my many favorites!



Ingrid & Marcos’s Wedding at Piazza D’Angelo, Mill Valley

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