Nathan & Riza’s Snowy Salt Lake Temple Exit

Nathan and Riza have traveled far to get married. Nathan left Idaho to serve his mission in the Philippines. He returned later and met Riza in Manila. They got engaged and since the Idaho temple is under construction, they chose to get married in Salt Lake City.

This is Riza’s first experience with snow – drastically different than the humid environment of Southeast Asia. I’m so glad her experience with it is positive so far:) It has been dumping recently and right as we got in front of the temple, it started coming down in clean, fluffy tufts. It was magical and I couldn’t imagine it better. Admittedly, I was wearing a giant coat while the bride was only in her wedding dress so perhaps I had it a little easier, but Riza and Nathan never stopped smiling.

Nathan’s family was waiting to celebrate with them. And his sister’s red dresses looked so good with the white snow! The whole family was so warm and welcoming and I’m so glad I got to be apart of their special day.



Nathan & Riza’s Snowy Salt Lake Temple Exit

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