Melissa & Scott’s Engagement Photos at Pier 7, San Francisco

Pier 7 Embarcadero SF Engagement Caili Chung Photography

The best way I can think of to describe Melissa and Scott is “chill.”

For example… Melissa had originally told me, “I love… how you capture light” and I was so excited to give her the glowy result I also love. However, it has been raining lots recently in the Bay, so I sent inspiration photos and asked if they were willing to adventure rainy engagements. I lucked out because Melissa turned out to be completely easy going and enthusiastic for whatever we potentially faced. We went into the shoot not positive what weather we were going to get but adventurous enough to brave anything and confident that, no matter what, we were going to get amazing results.

I feel like the sky cleared up just for us… thank you world! Okay, obviously Melissa and Scott are both incredibly good looking, but they also were so accommodating and trusting that we just clicked in our gorgeous-photoshoot team effort. They were so fantastic that we were able to capture hundreds of gorgeous shots in only 30 minutes, leaving me worried that I must be missing something! Their smiles together were so genuine and their personalities so enjoyable that the whole experience seemed suspiciously too easy.



Melissa & Scott’s Engagement Photos at Pier 7, San Francisco

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