William & Dayna’s Snowy Small Wedding at Jordan Pines Campground

Dayna’s been best friend’s with William’s sister for decades. So these two knew of each other for years, but it wasn’t a romantic relationship. Until it became that way…

A few weeks ago, these 2 decided to get married on 2/22/22 at 2:22 pm (adjacent… Things ran a little late haha). They’re from Tennessee, but William was going to be in Salt Lake City for work & Dayna fell in love with Utah’s gorgeous scenery. So within a very short time, their plans came together. Fortunately, Dayna’s cousin and her husband were able to fly out to officiate. And so were their five, beautiful children!

While planning this wedding, Dayna and I discussed many different location options and settled on Jordan Pines in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The day before, the couple went to scout out the campground and found a spot with epic views from all 360 degrees. They planned to stand in a circle during the ceremony (so everyone in their small group could have unobstructed views of everyone else) and decided it’d be the perfect spot for the ceremony.

The morning of this wedding, it snowed. Making those trees and Big Cottonwood even more magical. It was a perfect way to capture the gorgeousness of Utah and also this beautiful new family. Congratulations!!



William & Dayna’s Snowy Small Wedding at Jordan Pines Campground

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