Wedding Checklist for the Big Day

Because of covid-restrictions on gatherings, Igor and I got legally & church married before having the party-wedding with all our friends and family. And I’ll be honest – our legal wedding wasn’t as “fun” as you’d hope a wedding would be. I woke up early in the morning to do a Target run, pick up the rings, pick up the flowers, drive 40 minutes to my hair and makeup appointment, etc. We were running a little late & we didn’t have a planner/help so I was coordinating everything.

I didn’t want our social wedding to be that stressful. So in the months leading up to the event, I got hyper-organized. I created a checklist for myself so I could pack the car in advance and just feel confident that everything was in place.

In case you want inspiration for your own wedding mental-sanity, here was mine:

Checklist for Detail Photos

  • Caili’s Outfit
    • Dress
    • Hanger for dress (please don’t have a plastic hanger. Looks bad in the photo of dress hanging)
    • Veil
  • Igor’s Outfit
    • Tux
    • Watch
    • Cufflinks
    • Bow tie
    • Black Socks
    • Igor’s shoes
  • Details for photos
    • Caili’s Shoes
    • Bouquet (florist provided)
    • Loose flowers (florist provided)
    • His & her rings
    • Caili’s Jewelry
      • Grandma’s ring
      • Earrings
      • Bracelet
      • Necklace
    • Vows
    • 2 Copies of Invites & envelopes
    • Sheet music for our violinist during the ceremony
    • Fall leaves
    • Map of Snowbasin (our venue)
    • Ski lift passes
    • Ribbon)

Checklist for Girls Getting Ready

  • Robes for my best friends
  • Cheap champagne for a popping photo

Checklist for Couple Photos

  • Touch up makeup
  • Hair curler just in case I deflate
  • Extra contract lenses in case something goes wrong with the ones I had in

Checklist for Venue Preparation

  • For Dinner Tables
    • Candles
    • Candle holders
    • Table Name Cards
    • Table Name Card Holders
    • Guest name cards
    • Flowers & Vases (if not provided by your florist)
  • General Decor
    • Cake toppers
    • Sign in Table Stuff
      • Sign-in book
      • Pens
      • Card box
      • “In loving memory…” sign
    • Seating chart
    • Bar menu
    • Multiple print outs of the family photos list (given to the DJ to hold)

  • For the Ceremony
    • Aisle Runner
    • Name cards for family in the front row
    • Photo of Samuel Lim (deceased grandfather) for front row
    • Basket up front with…
      • Tissues
      • Copy of officiant script
      • Vows
    • Petal toss bags
    • Wagon & needed pillows (so baby could come down aisle)
    • Baskets & Petals for flower girls
  • And a bunch of stuff for baby haha

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Wedding Checklist for the Big Day

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