Storm Mountain Amphitheater/Picnic Area Wedding Info & Cost

Storm Mountain Wedding Big Cottonwood Canyon Caili Chung Photography

If you’re looking for a mountain wedding venue at the best price, Storm Mountain is my go-to recommendation! I chose to throw my own wedding rehearsal dinner here because it is simply gorgeous and so so affordable.

I’ve compiled essential Storm Mountain wedding information and costs as of Spring 2022. Things are always subject to change!

Storm Mountain Seasonal Availability

Storm Mountain is an outdoor venue at higher altitude, so it is only available as a wedding venue in the Summer & Fall when there isn’t snow.

You can only make reservations at Storm Mountain during certain times of the year and 6 months in advance. Up to date information can be found here.

But as a general guideline of Storm Mountain’s schedule using one year as an example…

You could make a reservation from May 14 – September 30, 2021

Sites were weren’t available to reserve from October 1 – October 17, 2021 and April 29, 2022 – May 5, 2022. But sites could be accessed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

And then reservations became available again from May 6, 2022 – October 16, 2022.

Storm Mountain Location

From I-215, take the 6200 South exit and travel a mile east to Wasatch Blvd. Take Wasatch Blvd a mile south to junction with Big Cottonwood Canyon/Highway 190. Make a left at the junction and travel up Big Cottonwood Canyon 2.8 miles to the picnic area.

Storm Mountain Cost

The amphitheater is $133 to reserve for a four-hour block.

The larger picnic sites (G1, G2, G3) are $127 to reserve for the day.

The smaller picnic sites are $10 for the day.

You pay in full when you make the reservation. However, you can cancel this reservation and be refunded in full except for a $10 cancellation fee.

Storm Mountain Capacity

The Amphitheater has a capacity of 200 people.

The larger picnic areas have three 16-foot-long tables and benches (where 50 guests can sit and eat) and 1 sixteen foot table without benches (where caterers can set up).

The 14 smaller picnic areas have 1 table & accompanying benches that seat 8.

Wedding Ceremony Site – Storm Mountain Amphitheater

This is a stunning and easy place to have a wedding ceremony. You won’t have to set up and tear down chairs for guests because seating is already built-in. And all guests will be easily able to view the action because of the tiered, circular seating arrangement.

There is a bulletin-board-structure where you & your soon-to-be spouse will exchange vows and rings. Get creative with ways to make this look beautiful!

You can have your wedding ceremony here even if you choose to host your wedding dinner/reception elsewhere.

Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah Mountain Wedding Caili Chung Photography
Storm Mountain Wedding Big Cottonwood Canyon Caili Chung Photography
Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah Mountain Wedding Caili Chung Photography

Wedding Dinner Sites – Storm Mountain Picnic Areas

You can choose to host dinner here even if you conduct your wedding ceremony elsewhere! I hosted my own wedding rehearsal dinner at a picnic site (G2) and didn’t use the amphitheater at all.

There are multiple picnic areas at Storm Mountain where you can host dinner. For all picnic areas, you don’t need to worry about setting up tables and accompanying seating. However, these picnic tables are splinter-prone, so I recommend bringing tablecloth so guests have enjoy a more pleasant (and aesthetic!) dining experience.

There are 3 larger picnic areas (G1, G2, and G3) and 14 smaller picnic areas. Each has their own campfire ring.

Storm Mountain Wedding Big Cottonwood Canyon Caili Chung Photography
Storm Mountain Wedding Big Cottonwood Canyon Caili Chung Photography
Storm Mountain Wedding Big Cottonwood Canyon Caili Chung Photography
Storm Mountain Wedding Big Cottonwood Canyon Caili Chung Photography

Storm Mountain Weddings Per Day

The amphitheater has three available time slots that can be reserved: the morning block from 8am – 12pm, the afternoon block from 1 pm – 5pm or the evening block from 6pm – 10pm.

Picnic areas are reserved from 8am to 10pm, so there can be only one event at each picnic site per day. However, there are multiple picnic areas, so if one is unavailable, it is likely that another picnic area will still be open.

Storm Mountain Vendor Flexibility

You have full flexibility to hire any vendor you’d like.

Storm Mountain Venue Coordinator

Doesn’t exist! There isn’t anyone to help you setup/tear down unless you bring said person yourself! However, while the campground is open, there should be someone on the grounds (usually on a golf cart) who can answer questions. This person makes sure no one is abusing the location and enforces rules.

Storm Mountain Food & Alcohol

Storm Mountain Catering Options

Storm Mountain a great place for a budget-conscious bride to host a wedding it is naturally beautiful, tables and seating are already provided, and it is relatively inexpensive to reserve. In addition, you aren’t confined to any specific catering option, so you have full flexibility to find catering at your desired price point.

Storm Mountain Alcohol Options

The same goes for alcohol (which is allowed on location) so you can supply alcohol directly from the liquor store (the cheapest way to provide alcohol).

Where to Take Photos at Storm Mountain

The actual campground is gorgeous and there are many great spots to take photos. There are pretty trees, epic mountains, and even a creek.

In addition, within walking distance of the campground is a little cliff area that is one of the most popular photography locations in Utah. In order to get up to the view, clients will have to climb a bit (so heels aren’t recommended) but it’s worth it when you conquer the short climb! *heart eyes*

Storm Mountain Wedding Big Cottonwood Canyon Caili Chung Photography

Storm Mountain Bathrooms

Storm Mountain has flushing toilets! Which is wonderful and the place is clean <3 The toilets are located close to larger picnic sites G2 and G3.

Storm Mountain Parking

When you reserve the amphitheater, the cost includes 15 parking spots. When you reserve a larger picnic site, the cost includes 8 parking spots. Smaller picnic sites have 1 parking spot included. Additional cars will have to pay $10 each for parking.

Storm Mountain Lodging

If you have your wedding here, guests will have to lodge either down the mountain (I’d recommend Salt Lake City) or up the mountain at Solitude/Brighton ski resort hotels.

Storm Mountain Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon because it is a protected watershed area.

Storm Mountain Accessibility

Storm Mountain Amphitheater and Storm Mountain Picnic Areas are wheelchair accessible. For my own rehearsal dinner, I hired a live harpist and she was able to wheel in her instrument without difficulty.

Storm Mountain Audio/Visual

There is no audio/visual equipment here, so you will have to provide it yourself if needed. Keep in mind that there are no electrical outlets around.

When I hosted my rehearsal dinner here, I hired a life harpist so we could have music and a wonderful ambiance.

Storm Mountain Downsides

  1. It gets dark after sunset, and there are no electrical outlets near the picnic sites. Bringing a generator may be necessary if you want to provide lighting.
  2. This is an outdoor venue, so if weather is bad, you may want to have a backup option. However, you won’t be out much money because you can be refunded all but $10 if you cancel.
  3. There isn’t a clear place to set up a dancefloor
  4. No amplified music

Where to Reserve/Get Information Yourself:

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Storm Mountain Amphitheater/Picnic Area Wedding Info & Cost

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