My Own Proposal

Igor and I decided to get married in November. So really the proposal was just a romantic gesture that I told Igor he still needed to do lol.

When we decided to get married, I didn’t want to wait long to move in together, combine bank accounts, and basically do all the things you can do once you decide to be life partners. But I also had certain wedding dreams that weren’t realistic with Covid 19. And this was before the vaccine got announced, so we really didn’t have any ETA for when we could actually have the wedding I wanted.

Therefore, we decided to get legally married ASAP and hold off on a celebration with all of our friends and family. We set a date – Jan 2 – for a small wedding with just our parents.

I’ve been asked if Igor picked out the ring… And uh no lol. I showed him exactly what I wanted & was there when he ordered it. So I knew that he had it for WEEKS before he proposed. Again, we had wedding plans for January freaking Two. And Igor didn’t get down on one knee on Jan 1. Making Caili fussy 🙆🏻‍♀️

There are some boys who have sisters or watched rom coms or something. Boys who can be trusted to plan a cute proposal.

Igor is NOT one of those guys 🙃 all testosterone 😭

But I loved the proposal. On New Years, we climbed a small hill where you can look over all of Salt Lake Valley. At midnight, two dozen fireworks went off all over the city, and we had a great view of all of that. He proposed up there.

There needs to be more situations where boys are expected to get down on one knee. That was awesome.



My Own Proposal

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