Alyssa’s Downtown Salt Lake City Fashion Shoot

I’m sorry, I had to make that the first photo lol.

Alyssa is one of my nearest and dearest friends. As well as a part-time model 😉 But I knew her when she had headgear & accidentally shaved off half an eyebrow sooooooooooo…

To celebrate moving back home to Salt Lake City, we did a fun little shoot. We got ready together, and it felt like we were prepping for a high school dance again <3 I told her to bring dresses and makeup for me & she brought over 2 duffel bags haha.

We shot during golden hour (my favorite!), took a break, warmed up inside, and had a quick outfit change. Our plan was to go back downtown & take night photos. But when we left my place, we realized that the only people outside at night (even tho it was Saturday) during Corona were very sketchy looking. So we decided to go back inside & just take night photos on my roof instead 🙂



Alyssa’s Downtown Salt Lake City Fashion Shoot

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