Lands End & Sutro Baths Engagement

Sutro Baths/Lands End is my very favorite San Francisco photography location. The trees and the ocean and the graffiti… It’s all amazing. The only issue is making sure not to fall in the water haha

Many of my clients seem to agree that Sutro Baths is an amazing location because I’ve taken Engagement Photos here multiple times. But every shoot is different. The light in the trees is different. The intensity of the ocean is different. And most importantly, every couple is unique and make shoots new and interesting.

And these two are some of my very favorite people. They’re both so smart and funny and kind. They give me recommendations to follow #guineapig on Instagram to have a daily dose of cute. And they’re ridiculously easy to photograph because they laugh so much around each other.

They live in Asia, but they met up with me for the last day of their trip to the U.S. They visited both coasts, met up with old friends, and took some fire Engagement Photos! I hope it was a magical trip <3



Lands End & Sutro Baths Engagement

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