Rosie & Georgie’s twin senior photos at Crissy Fields | Berkeley High School

Berkeley High School Senior Photos Crissy Fields

I don’t know what it was about 2001, but it was a good year to have twins. I’ve photographed three sets of twins this spring and I’ve been loving it! Senior photos are extra fun with your best friend.

And Rosie and Georgie are truly best friends. So far, the longest time they’ve spent apart is four days. However, in the fall they’re going to colleges on opposites sides of the world. Rosie is staying close to home and becoming a Golden Bear <3 Georgie is going to freaking Scotland.

This shoot was scheduled way back in November! I loved this family from the moment I received their signed contract on pink paper. They also mailed me the sweetest note that I still have 🙂 And everyone was even nicer in person. Rosie and Georgie are so fun and smart and sweet. Their parents and aunt were equally as amazing.

Rosie and Georgie are involved. After listening to their stories, I don’t know how they have the time to do everything that they do! I’m pretty sure they’ve done every activity out there– rock climbing, pole vaulting, sailing, cello, and so much more! Really, they’re so well rounded and have such bright futures ahead.

Enjoy your last days at Berkeley High School Rosie and Georgie! You two are complete gems <3

And we ended the day at In-N-Out and Georgie ate 4 burgers… Amazing lol



Rosie & Georgie’s twin senior photos at Crissy Fields | Berkeley High School

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