Sean & Diana’s Engagement Photos at a Ruined Railway Station

Ruined Railway Station Engagements San Francisco Caili Chung

Sean and Diana are gigantic nerds and I absolutely love it. We spent our time together running around graffiti-covered ruins in San Fran + making movie references. Talk about speaking my language!

I’ve been in contact with Diana for months now. When we finally met in person, it was truly like hanging out with an old friend. I already knew she was the most supportive human, and now I have experienced her contagious laugh first hand. She is down for anything and has such amazing taste. I can’t wait to see the wedding they plan!

Sean had first seen the ruined train yard years ago and thought it’d be a cool photoshoot location. He just didn’t think he would be the model. He showed us the trains and talked about the history of the location. And he continued to be a fantastic tour guide as we explored through San Francisco together– pointing out different landmarks and fun things to do.

After our session, we all got dim sum together at the oldest dim sum restaurant in San Francisco. If that’s not a good day, I don’t know what is.



Sean & Diana’s Engagement Photos at a Ruined Railway Station

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