Thoughts from My First Wedding as a Guest

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My cousin Alex got married this month! The first of my generation to do so, the whole family was super excited. My mom’s side of the family are all in different states ( and going to med school lmao), but growing up the aunts and uncles made it clear that family was a priority. No matter how busy we were, we got together at least once a year. All of us cousins had the opportunity to grow up together & become super close.

When Alex got engaged, I told my dad about how so so excited I was for the wedding. My dad told me, “You’re not actually going to be able to hang out with the bride and groom very much. They’re going to be so busy.”

I responded, “Dad… I’ve been to a wedding before…”

And he said, “Really? Whose? Oh. Right!” *laughs

But I discovered that all my prior experience as a photographer was very different than being a guest. My dad was right – Alex and his new wife had a lot of things to do and people to greet.

I’m used to spending more time with the bride than the groom does! I don’t get to hang out in the getting ready room with the bridesmaids? I don’t get at least half an hour with the couple alone? I don’t get to direct everyone where to go and when? Insanity!

It reminded me of how important it is for a couple to choose a wedding photographer that they love. Not only on an artistic level but also a personal one. If someone is going to be right by your side the entire day, their presence should be contributing to the joy of your wedding.

Anyway, I had the most magical time with all my family. Their love and support and fire are truly the greatest privileges in life. This stuff makes life beautiful.

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Thoughts from My First Wedding as a Guest

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