Tram and Allen’s Engagements at Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tam Bolinas Ridge Engagements Caili Chung Photography

Tram and Allen told me they were guests at a wedding I photographed in December 2017. I’m always excited to hear from friends of Alan and Courtney because they had such an amazing party. So far everyone I’ve met from their circle is not only sweet and caring and smart but also so much fun.

These two are no exception. When we first met in person I asked them to write down something they loved about their partner that they hadn’t vocally appreciated recently. Allen responded “Thanks for putting up with the dumb things I do.” Tram said, “I love that Allen plans our lunches and packs them for me the day before because I always forget.” I love both answers. They’re such an amazing partnership and after ten years together, I’m so looking forward to being there when they make it official!

I actually don’t have a car in the Bay Area. I Uber to engagement shoots and carpool with my second shooters for weddings. When my Uber arrived at Bolinas Ridge on Mount Tam, the driver asked me if it was okay to drop me off there. I checked to make sure I had phone service and said it was okay to leave me in the middle of nowhere. We parked and then both the uber driver and I got out to admire the view.

The weather was perfect. The October mountain air felt so fresh. We were above the clouds, a view that reminded me of being on a plane. The fog weaved through the mountains and trees. Hands down my new favorite place in the Bay Area. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve such amazing people in such an amazing place. These kind of Saturdays are good for my soul.



Tram and Allen’s Engagements at Mount Tamalpais

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