Jesika and Gowtham’s Iconic San Francisco Engagement Shoot

Baker Beach San Francisco Engagement

This power couple is actually from Toronto, Canada. On the second day of their vacation to San Francisco, they hired me to be a professional third wheel and capture their travels. I love that. They had such a good time that they’re planning on doing a professional photoshoot on their next vacation, too.

We started out at Baker Beach, iconic San Francisco. It’d become pretty foggy right before our shoot, and I was worried that the Golden Gate Bridge wouldn’t be visible. But luckily we were still able to see it:) Not quite red and shiny, but moody and majestic. Luckily Jesika and Gotham brought all the sunshine needed with their contagious smiles.

Then we went to Fisherman’s Wharf to take pictures with the cable cars. Not pictured: the lines of tourists waiting to board the Cable Cars. We were surrounded by other people, but luckily they were so photogenic and comfortable all the same. In fact, also not pictured, Gotham took off his shirt for a couple of pictures. In the middle of Fisherman’s Wharf! I died 🙂



Jesika and Gowtham’s Iconic San Francisco Engagement Shoot

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