The Big Takeaway from a Wedding (Other than Your Husband)

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I love photos. They remind me of so many wonderful things to be grateful for. But I don’t go through the hundreds of images on my phone from 2011 often. That’s why I love photo books.

I’ve made Shutterfly photo books to recap my year since high school, long before I ever got into photography. Since I so passionately believe in photo albums and the value they provide in my own life, I realized I should encourage my clients to do the same.

1. A wedding album makes your photos more accessible

When you have so many digital photos, you’re not likely going through pictures often. But when you print your images in a photo album, every time you see the book, you can’t help but flip through. You actually take advantage of your photos instead of letting your memories be forgotten. Your wedding photography is a big investment, and it can be wasted without an album.

2. A wedding album offers design and organization

A DIY photo album and a wedding album are incomparable. A wedding album is not just a bunch of pictures assembled into a book — it’s a beautifully designed story of your wedding day. Your photographer will create a custom design that will bring out the best in every image and tell your love story in a compelling manner.

3. A wedding album becomes a family heirloom

You’re not paying thousands of dollars for wedding photography for Facebook. Instagram is not a family heirloom. As technology changes, you don’t even know if these social media forums will be relevant years later. CDs and USBs are becoming obsolete, but no matter how technology changes, a photo album will always be accessible.

Growing up, I loved my parents’ wedding album. We’d go through the pages together, talking about the people, the details, the emotions. It was like a fairy tale populated by my own parents.

Wedding Albums Caili Chung Photography1

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The Big Takeaway from a Wedding (Other than Your Husband)

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