Rebecca & Brett’s Glowy Engagement Photos at Lands End

During my very first conversation with Rebecca, she mentioned that she and Brett are giant nerds. “What do you mean by that?” I asked, “What kind of nerd?”

“Pretty much by every metric,” she responded, “Like he’s into video games. I’m into Harry Potter and musicals.”

This was one of the first hints that I would fall in love with Rebecca and Brett’s love. And when I met up with them in person for their Engagement Photos, Rebecca’s description of themselves proved accurate- the two are absolutely dorks together. It’s wonderful how, despite being together for so long already, they build off of each other and make each other laugh so much. They’re both incredibly genuine, witty, and talented.

Also, Rebecca’s emails to me pretty much make my entire life better. So thank you sincerely for being such a wonderful human.



Rebecca & Brett’s Glowy Engagement Photos at Lands End

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