Why You Want a Second Shooter

Mills College Oakland Wedding Caili Chung Photography

A second shooter is another professional photographer present on your wedding day. I highly recommend having one. They will be another person serving you with kindness and talent on the big day, and your main photographer will do all the editing to ensure consistent and quality final images.

As lead photographer, I will be constantly on my feet during your wedding day, but having a second shooter allows a better capture of your big day.

1. Allows capture of two different two different angles at once

With two different professional cameras at work, you can capture different perspectives of your incredible moments. For example, while I capture the bride coming down the aisle, my second shooter can capture the groom’s face as she approaches.

2. Allows capture of two different places at once

I usually begin the wedding day with the girls getting ready, and my second shooter begins with the boys. Getting ready occurs at two different locations and having a second shooter makes sure that each group is be documented.

3. Guests can be more present

Because of Reason #1 and #2, you can feel more comfortable asking your guests to put their phones down and just enjoy your celebration. The professional’s photos will be better than iPhones pictures anyway!

4. Backup

I always bring two professional camera bodies and multiple lenses to a wedding. But having a second shooter is extra insurance that you will definitely receive a full gallery of images no matter what.

Mills College Oakland Wedding Caili Chung Photography

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Why You Want a Second Shooter

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