How to Take Glowy Photos

Sun is my favorite thing for photographs. It adds dimension and life to an image. And nothing will showcase skin’s healthy glow more than natural sunlight.

However, many people tend to think that sunlight is bad for photographs, and they’re worried about squinting. Sunlight can get unflattering when it is high noon. Light coming straight down will cast dark shadows below your eyes and accentuate any skin imperfections.

In contrast, light coming behind you is incredibly flattering. If you pay attention to how musicians are lit during concerts, light is always coming behind them for an epic effect. In order to achieve this effect, the sun needs to be lower in the sky. Therefore, the best time to take pictures is two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. If you can, please aim to take photos during this time of day.

Your photographer should recommend a wedding timeline for you. They are experts in how long it takes to take every shot you would want and what time of day will have the most flattering effect.

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How to Take Glowy Photos

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