Allison and Jen’s Wedding at Mills College

The first time I talked to Allison on the phone, she told me about how cool and confident Jen seemed when they first met. And she claimed that she liked Jen from the very beginning. Seeing Jen effortlessly spin glowing bulbs of light on their wedding day, it was clear that Allison’s first impression was correct– Jen is incredible.

But, on their wedding day, Jen’s maid of honor told me that Jen was mesmerized by Allison from the start. She described how she had had to constantly listen to Jen talk about how cute and wonderful Allison was. Jen’s first impression of Allison still holds true.

They’re clearly just as love with each other as they were years ago when they met at Cal Poly. This was an eleven-hour wedding day, and the brides didn’t stop smiling the whole time.

Allison and Jen, you two put together a perfect wedding, the perfect start to your newest adventure together. I wish you both nothing but the absolute best and I can’t wait to share more soon.



Allison and Jen’s Wedding at Mills College

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