Beginner’s Guide to Cameras

Gear does not make a fantastic image, the photographer does. But it doesn’t hurt.

The barrier to entry for photography is low. I feel like everyone can obtain a DSLR these days, and that’s great! Photography is a lot of fun and I’m glad people have the opportunity to enjoy it.

This is a list of the equipment I used to learn photography. Even though this set up has since been completely been replaced, I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out.

  1. Canon Rebel t4i

“Wow, it has a touch screen! I’m basically a professional now *smirk”

-Junior Year Caili

Except I had absolutely no idea how to use it. The first “photoshoot” I did was hitting up my high school friends and using it as a point and shoot. I didn’t know what any of the buttons meant, so I didn’t touch any of them.

Canon is all the way up to Canon Rebel t6i currently and so I looked up the differences for y’all. After reading through the comparisons, I guarantee you’re not missing out on anything by buying an older version rebel. You don’t need 19 focus points and the older rebel versions are still high enough resolution to print posters. If you’re not making billboards, save yourself a few hundred dollars.

2. Canon 50mm f/1.8

This lens is a no-brainer first lens for a new photographer. It’s only $125 and the low aperture (1.8) allows beautiful bokeh (background blur) and lots of light to come in *heart eyes. The 50mm is a workhorse, you can do so so much with it.

Paired with the Canon Rebel (that I figured out how to use lol), I was able to develop my consistent style as an artist. I couldn’t recommend this set-up more to someone just starting out with photography.

3. A Cute Camera Strap

Life is too short to sport the boring black strap that comes with the camera. Personalized camera straps are really cheap and a fun way to add more personality and interest to your set up! There is 0 reason not to have one.

My boyfriend actually asked me to prom in a way that involved gifting me my camera strap. He’s pretty cute.

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Beginner’s Guide to Cameras

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