Emily’s Fall Mountain Senior Session | Judge High School

Millcreek Canyon Pipeline Senior Session Fall Autumn

My first 2017 Senior and I couldn’t be happier with her. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at a photo shoot. The first thing she does is to strike a ridiculous pose and demand, “Tell me I’m beautiful ;)”

Remember the color wheel from those elementary school art classes? Me neither. But if you pair complementary colors (across the circle) then both colors get extra pop. When Emily and I decided to do a photoshoot centered around the orange, fall leaves, I recommended that she wear something blue to make her photos bolder.

With the infinite ways to dress, styling for photos can be somewhat overwhelming. Luckily, when clients book with me they get to tap into the knowledge of a girl who has wasted hours on fashion videos. I’ll pamper you with general recommendations about what clothing is most flattering on camera and then additional advice specific to your shoot/personality if you want more help. My job as a photographer shouldn’t just be to take pretty pictures of you, the photographer should be able to to give you advice on a topic that they (should) know better about because that’s their field! Whether or not you book with me for your senior session, your photoshoot should be nothing but enjoyable for you.

We started hiking up the mountain to get to the fall foliage, but we soon discovered that we were definitely not cut out for that level of physical exertion. We instead decided to make the most out patches of orange that we could find within the first 0.1mile from the trailhead.

I love you Emily and you’re super cute okay???



Emily’s Fall Mountain Senior Session | Judge High School

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