Katie & Steven’s Engagement Session at Lands End

One of the first things that Katie tells me is that they, as I might assume, have never been engaged before. They don’t know how to take engagement photos and hopefully I will be able to give them lots of direction!

I probably responded in a somewhat more professional way, but in my head I was doing a “hell yeah” dance.

There are people (like me lol) who spend way too much time in front of the mirror and like feeling in control. And then there are people who have “chill.” They know they want gorgeous images, but they know that someone else knows how to get results and are willing to trust and listen to that someone. Katie and Steven are the 2nd type of person and I am so honored be that someone they trusted.

These two are absolute sweethearts. They’re the type of people who make you believe in people! If that makes sense haha. They grew up together in Ohio. They went to the same high school and were friends during that time. As fate would have it, they both ended up in San Francisco, where that friendship developed into something more. Steven popped the question and soon they will be going back to their hometown to get married with all their family and friends!

Congratulations Steven and Katie!!



Katie & Steven’s Engagement Session at Lands End

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