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When I knew I wanted to do photography professionally, my heart was all in. And I felt like I had good work & could provide a great experience, but I got stumped on the business side. I didn't know how to find any clients, let alone dream clients. Therefore, I couldn't raise my prices or do shoots that I truly loved. If you're in the same boat now, let me share an action plan to save you some frustration and turn your passion into profitable and fulfilling business. 

I run a 7 week program where I teach a small group of entrepreneurs everything they need to know in order to have a profitable and thriving photography business. No fluff. We meet once a week over video chat to learn practices and mindsets necessary to be successful, enjoy our community, hold each other accountable. This mastermind differs from all others because in between classes, you will have time to implement what you learn, ask follow up questions as you hit obstacles, and get personalized feedback from me.  I only accept a maximum of six students, because I am invested in making sure each student succeeds and I want to be able to provide you individualized attention. 

Caili Chung's Complete Course for Creatives

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I took Caili's business mastermind for 7 weeks, and she's one of the smartest photographer-business owners I know. If you have never taken a photography business course before, and especially if you do not know much about business, I highly recommend investing in having Caili as your business mentor. She will guide you every step of the way from A to Z in making a profitable photography business. Of course, there is not only one way to do business, but having gone through her course, I have a clearer idea of how to move forward with my business. 

What I enjoyed the most about the program is that through all the moving parts of running a business, Caili was available to guide me each step of the way, and I loved that I can have someone who knows her business for personalized advice and feedback when I need it. I also loved that she made sure we have actionable steps so that not only do we have the knowledge, but also the exact tools to move forward.

"I loved that I can have someone who knows her business for personalized advice"

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Hm, where do I even start! I was a part of Caili’s Business Mastermind course and it was such a powerful educational tool that pushed my business to the next level. When I was starting my business, all I knew was that I loved photography. I didn’t know which clients I wanted to work with nor did I know how to find/book them. Caili has taught me so many different ways to expand my business and truly serve my clients to the best of my ability. In her course she covers everything you need to know from how to attract clients, to website building to pricing strategy. It’s really an end-to-end learning experience. In addition to the wonderful content… Caili is also a sweet and kind teacher. She is patient in helping her colleagues learn and is generous in the amount of knowledge she shares in the program. In her program, it’s never about competition and all about how she can best help you become a profitable business and confident photographer. She is invested in you and your business 100%!! Last but not least, the class sizes are monitored so you can really build community with the other photographers in the group and ask as many specific questions as you’d like! I always looked forward to our meetings because it was more like a group of friends coming together to learn instead of just coming to sit in on a lecture. I have absolutely NO regrets in enrolling in Caili’s course and it is worth every. single. cent. Thanks so much Caili!

"Caili taught me so many different ways to expand my business and truly serve my clients"

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Caili's not only an amazing wedding photographer but also an amazing teacher! 

I was in her Photography Business Mastermind program and it really helped me go from having no idea how to acquire clients to having the knowledge and confidence to really get started. Not only did she provide us all with super helpful scripts and resources that must have taken her so much effort to create and figure out on her own, but she's also there for you every step of the way, even outside of class.

The other awesome part of this course is the community with other photographers. I'm so grateful that Caili brought us all together--even after the class ended, we're still able to support each other in different ways, such as planning a model session together :)

Caili was super professional in leading the class, but is also really warm and friendly as a person. The benefit of this class over anything else out there is how invested she is in your business on a personal level. If you're on the fence about taking it, boy let me tell you, it was worth it.

"Really helped me go from having no idea how to acquire clients to having the knowledge and confidence to really get started"

Economics 101 + Attracting your ideal client


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I was an Economics major at Cal & understanding basic economics is necessary in order to get in the right mindset to work smart. You'll learn how much to charge, when to raise your prices, how to address budget photographers, how to be a high-earning photographer and more.

We will also talk about how to identify your ideal client and appeal directly to her. Students get access to my comprehensive wedding day guide and other exclusive resources. 

A great way to find clients is to team up with other businesses also trying to find your ideal clients. If you can collaborate with other vendors, you can mutually refer each other and both businesses will be better off. You'll learn how to find and choose vendors you want to work with while avoiding businesses that will bring you down. You'll learn specific ways to build relationships with other businesses so they care about you and go out of their way to help you succeed (which is not why we care about other vendors in the first place, but it is a life-changing perk!)

We'll also learn about how to use Instagram to grow our business no matter what changes Zuckerberg throws our way. Instagram has high potential to be a gigantic waste of time and a stress on your emotional wellbeing, so you'll learn how to use the app in a way that actually betters your life and business.

As life gets busy, we only look at the photos we print. It's so important that we print our own photos in albums and wall art, and it's important that we inspire our clients to do the same. You'll learn how to guide your clients through choosing their heirlooms and how to drastically increase your income. 

My first year in business, after moving to a new city, I booked 5 weddings by investing $130 into facebook ads.

Facebook ads are such an effective way to introduce yourself to clients. I've even been able to use facebook ads to book paying  destination sessions whenever I travel. You'll learn how to make the most of your money by only showing your ad to relevant people and inspiring them to stop their scroll and pay attention to you. 

Building an amazing experience allows you to grow your business by acquiring amazing reviews and referrals. But even more importantly, you'll have even more fun working because you genuinely care about your clients and they care about you in return. Being able to serve people well is the best way to gain confidence as a photographer and stay in love with photography.  You'll learn specific actions steps to justify your high print point, guarantee that you're never ghosted, never work with clients you don't like, and have your clients never regret choosing you. 

Before someone decides to make contact with you, she needs to be get a good impression from your online presence. Your website will separate you as a professional, someone deserving of your higher price point, and someone your clients want to work with. You'll learn how to design your website to appeal to your ideal clients, how to write a compelling bio, what information not to include, how to create a compelling portfolio, and what to ask in your contact form. 

Pricing structure & other boosters


Through your pricing structure, you can encourage your clients to invest in items you know they'll appreciate. Your client likely doesn't have much photography experience, so as a professional you should recommend to them what their collection ought to include. You'll also learn how to structure your pricing strategically to ensure you can do your job well and maximize your income. 

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