Making Every Session a Portfolio Builder

San Francisco Rainy Engagement Photos

For my sixteenth birthday, I asked for a photoshoot with my two best friends. I stressed hard about what to wear. I wanted to make the most of my photo opportunity, but I was overwhelmed by planning for it.

Your clients probably feel the same way. Most people can recognize when something looks good, but they might have a hard time understanding why.

As a photographer, you prepare so hard to prepare and fine-tune your photography skills. But even when you do everything correctly, the light is perfect, and the couple is so adorable, an Engagement Session with crocs might not advance your business.

I sympathize. I base most of my personal fashion decisions around not having to wear real pants. But it doesn’t look as great on camera.

The sessions you put out into the world are what you’re going to attract more of. Take control of what you want to shoot and prepare clients with a recommended style guide beforehand. I have a 30 page PDF that I email to every client as soon as they book with me.

San Francisco Rainy Engagement Photos

Benefits of a Style Guide:

  1. Save time: when you have a prepared style guide, you don’t have to do as much emailing back and forth
  2. Build trust: You’ll seem professional before the session even starts
  3. Save clients stress: Planning for professional photos can be overwhelming
  4. Have your clients love how they look: And you will too
  5. Have every shoot move your business forward: *insert smirk here

Things to Potentially Include in Your Style Guide:

  1. How to Choose a Date & Time
  2. Selecting the Location
  3. Coordinating Outfits
  4. Props
  5. Style Tips: For Her
  6. What to Wear
  7. Choosing Color
  8. Flattering your features
  9. Accessorizing
  10. Hair & Makeup
  11. Fashion Tips: For Him
  12. After the Session
  13. Engagement Session Checklist

My style guide is based on Amy & Jordan’s Style Guide. Their guide has been worth every cent.

San Francisco Rainy Engagement Photos

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Making Every Session a Portfolio Builder

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