Ingrid & Marcos Engagement Session at Treasure Island

Treasure Island SF Engagement Session Caili Chung Photography

This engagement shoot reminds me of the 20th Century. Just everything is so classy and timeless. From Ingrid’s pumps and curly hair to Marcos’s car— just EVERYTHING.

And Ingrid and Marcos are absolutely wonderful. They make each other laugh so much.

You get the best view of the San Francisco skyline from Treasure island, but most people don’t have an opportunity to visit in their everyday routine. Marcos contributes to the San Francisco skyline through his work, so it’s capturing the city in his engagement photos was an incredible idea. He says the skyline changed so much just in his lifetime, and I think future years it will be cool to see these pictures and look back on how it was the year he got married.

Thank you so much for everything Ingrid and Marcos. I am so excited to be there to capture your wedding in a few months. Also, this is a little random, but when I was editing these pictures I couldn’t stop noticing how fantastic Ingrid’s eyebrows are. Okay, that is all.



Ingrid & Marcos Engagement Session at Treasure Island

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