Brady & Sarah’s Engagement Session at Coyote Peak & Facebook

“If we already seem like a married couple, it’s because we’ve been together for 11 years” -Brady

ELEVEN YEARS!!!! Sarah and Brady are high school sweethearts, so they evidently must like each other a lot to have stayed together for all that time. They’ve been together through long-distance, through college, and through a move from the East coast to the West. In fact, they like each other so much that they are making the commitment to spend even more time together and are getting married!

And that’s where I come in 😉 One awesome perk about photography is how it gives me the opportunity to explore. My beautiful brides and grooms have brought me to the most gorgeous places in the Bay, but I got especially lucky to meet Sarah and Brady.

First of all, they’re just absolutely fantastic and funny and down for an adventure. I mean, Sarah climbed a fallen tree in a full-length dress with no shoes. No problem. Second, they introduced me to a ridiculously beautiful park where you can watch planes fly over the water as they deport from San Francisco airport. Like major heart eyes. I will be back. And third, you cannot explore Facebook’s headquarters unless you know someone and Sarah was our someone <3 I don’t think anyone has ever shot their engagement photos at Facebook before, but that’s a total shame because their building has so much art (and food opportunities) and their rooftop garden is pristine.

Aaaaand Sarah and Brady helped me to raid Facebook’s mini kitchens for free food so basically they’re true friends.



Brady & Sarah’s Engagement Session at Coyote Peak & Facebook

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